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Tinsy cuts, muscles and strong will. Amazing!

Art with Simon Smith

We enjoyed our work with Simon and the first thing that we noticed about him was he was a chirpy, funny and kind character.



The thing that we enjoyed most about the theme was it would be different for everybody as it was things that make you happy such as:

Family             Friends           Food                Pets                 Books

To get us into this project we did some work on expressing emotions through art. Then we listed five things that make us happy. Unfortunately we could only print one.



We had to draft our to-be prints by sketching them down until we had our perfect design. Simon made sure this was the perfect design for us and guided us every step of the way.



(For many people this was their best bit)

WARNING: This can be dangerous – you can get many tinsy cuts and they will hurt.

We depended on our carving skills for the finished products (our prints). Cutting lino can be hard, especially for the smaller parts.



To make a good print we needed muscles and strong will. When we finally got up to this point the suspense was up to our foreheads. What would the finished results look like? Thankfully each one was amazing, special and different.


This was an amazing experience that we’ll never forget, it produced amazing products and memories. If you go to a school, an amazing opportunity could be arranged if you ask your teacher to contact the amazing Simon Smith to do a brilliant art project with you and your class. You may even be able to take part in an exhibition!

Thank you for reading. By Orla, Amelie and Evie on behalf of Gledhow’s year six.